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How to customise a SCART TV for emulation use

I 've already posted some stuff about emulation, SCART TVs, GroovyMAME, and other niche topics about emulation. I always had a fascination with old school video games, specifically arcades. Discovering emulation around 2000, was one of the greatest moments of my life, regarding video games and computers.

So, lately I 've been trying to make an emulation machine, with an original CRT screen, and sometime in the future proper Arcade controls. I haven't had much luck, mostly due to the fact I suck terribly at every kind of soldering/crafting/modding job, and also due to not finding a proper size CRT TV.

But with the info I got from this guy I managed to get some stuff running, like the proper CRT screen modelines.

And now, he posted this.

I don't have much to say apart from that he is pretty much on the top of my current "internet respect" list. If you love video games and computers and have a mild undestanding of electronics, just check it. This is true nerd porn.