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Goodbye Chrome, back to Firefox

I used Mozilla's browser since they first started naming its Firefox, I think it was back in 2002. I used Opera till then, but its rendering engine had lots of incompatibilities with many sites I used on a daily basis, so I was eager to try something that wasn't I.E., but rendered everything as it should. But it wasn't such a simple decision.

Indeed, Firefox delivered. It rendered everything perfectly, was quite fast, and didn't have any of the huge risks accossiated with I.E. and ActiveX. But after some years, when the user profiles started becoming big in file size, accumulating big amounts of browsing history, bookmarks, passwords etc, it started becoming quite slow and unreliable. That, combined with some new, more bloated programming habits of the developers on Mozilla foundation started making Firefox slow to the point of being almost unacceptable.

When Chrome came along in 2008, I still didn't switch immediately, like most of my friends did, because although I had lost a significant amount of trust on Firefox, it still served me well for many years. But the time to try Chrome came, and it was so blazing fast and reliable that I switched immediately. Chrome seemed like light years ahead of any competition back then.

So I switched again. I use Chrome for the past almost 5 years. I never touched Firefox since then, since I thought It would probably had gotten worse. I did test Opera a little in this 4 years, but it always had incompatibilities (not so many as in 2002, but still more than acceptable). So I thought Chrome was the only way to go. But like it happened with Firefox, the user profile file size and contents started getting bigger and bigger. This gradually made Chrome very slow, reaching todays unbearable point. It has been almost a month it's a huge pain to use, and I didn't know what to do, since my user profile/data isn't corrupted or in some way problematic.

Today I decided I couldn't take it any more, and tried Firefox. I imported my Chrome data, so the user profile has the same history, cookies, passwords etc. I also installed Adblock, like I had on Chrome. I was amazed. It works as it should. Blazing fast, no unexpected crashes and freezes, proper rendering of everything. I immediately decided to switch back to Firefox, after 5 years. I hope it wont eventually get fucked up again, for now Firefox FTW.

My system isn't anything special, but I don't think its so weak it can't properly run a browser. My exact specs are:

  • Q6600 CPU
  • 8GB DDR2 800Mhz
  • Simple WD 7200rpm Mechanical hard drives

Also, I found this article, that pretty much backs up my claim that Chrome isn't the blazing fast beast it was. Its mostly synthetic benchmarks that don't exactly cover problems caused by accumulated daily usage, but it shows that things are not like most Chrome users think they are...