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Radio back up... again

So... once again, the radio is back up. Now with a "new" more decent computer, that supposedly can handle it. The big change on the radio and site, is the encoding, and also the removal of the in site flash player. Something more minor, for the "trained ear", is also the change of the post processing preset. Im beta testing many configurations on a daily basis, but the general sound quality and character should remain unchanged. Also, behind the scenes, the radio is now served through Icecast instead of Shoutcast v2.

I got fed up with AAC+, Flash, and their combined bullshit, so I switched to a plain, direct shoutcast playlist link, with OGG encoding. Most of you can probably get around it. If not, you should fuck off, together with Orban, Adobe, and anyone else involved in the development of AAC and Flash.