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VPS Nightmares - HostV Experiences

Some years ago, and after some super poor performance from the shared hosting I was using back then, I started considering purchasing a VPS to move my sites to.

Around the same time, I had to host some shoutcast servers, so buying a managed VPS with cPanel in order to host everything there seemed like a sensible and cheap option.Back then, with absolutely no experience on this subject, finding a suitable managed VPS for both my sites and shoutcast server was nearly impossible. So, I asked for suggestions on a local forum, and someone recommended HostV. Their prices, and especially the unmetered traffic seemed almost too good to be true. But since someone I kinda knew had recommended them, and judging from the way they responded to all my presales questions, I decided to give them a shot, and buy a VPS package (OpenVZ, unclear CPU specs, 512 guaranteed ram, 768 burst, 50gigs storage, unmetered traffic).

This is the (painful) story of my experiences with HostV.

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How to customise a SCART TV for emulation use

I 've already posted some stuff about emulation, SCART TVs, GroovyMAME, and other niche topics about emulation. I always had a fascination with old school video games, specifically arcades. Discovering emulation around 2000, was one of the greatest moments of my life, regarding video games and computers.

So, lately I 've been trying to make an emulation machine, with an original CRT screen, and sometime in the future proper Arcade controls. I haven't had much luck, mostly due to the fact I suck terribly at every kind of soldering/crafting/modding job, and also due to not finding a proper size CRT TV.

But with the info I got from this guy I managed to get some stuff running, like the proper CRT screen modelines.

And now, he posted this.

I don't have much to say apart from that he is pretty much on the top of my current "internet respect" list. If you love video games and computers and have a mild undestanding of electronics, just check it. This is true nerd porn.

Street Fighter 2, Native Video Mode

This text will be replaced

Street Fighter 2 running on a CRT TV in its native resolution and refresh rate. Sorry about the image quality, its shot with my Galaxy Nexus, and uploaded directly from the phone without editing. I tried to zoom in and show the scanlines, and how much the sprites rock on their native resolution, but I didnt do much. Still I think you can see how the native refresh rates scrolls smoothly. Actually I just wanted to share how happy I am for acomplishing this with everyone else, on the future I will do a higher quality video.

Its running on GroovyMAME, with CRT EMU driver, connected to the TV via SCART (with the UMSA)

Check this page for more info on SCART gaming and UMSA:

Radio Back Online!

Good news everyone! I managed to assemble a "frankestein of computing" out of old PC parts, and got the radio back up again. I hope this time It will be for good.

Sadly, due to the old and poorly performing Sempron 2800+ used in the build, I wont be able to broadcast in the signature, high quality heavilly proccessed sound I always used, since the CPU can't handle it.

I will be using a similar sound, with lighter compression, easier on the CPU, and acceptable to the ears.

Hope you like it.