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Samsung Galaxy Nexus

It was about time I gave a well earned gift to myself. My HTC Desire Z was starting to feel slower and slower for my needs, and its limited RAM was causing more trouble everyday. I didn't go for the Nexus 7, due to it not being available, and me reconsidering if I really needed a tablet after all.

So I decided to take advantage of the excellent price (369€) and buy it. I don't have much to say, this Is pretty much Android as it was meant to be. Device and Software in perfect harmony. I absolutely love this phone, and think that its a bargain.

There are absolutely no weak points, and compared to a Galaxy S3 with stock ROM, the Nexus is stabler, and a little faster, although It has less than half the proccessing power.

The only thing that could be better is the display. Yes, a 320ppi display could be better. Simply because I don't like AMOLED displays, they feel unnatural in many aspects. Especially those PeNtile super high resolution panels, have some weird artifacts, like a paper texture, thats quite apparent on low backlight settings. And since I use my phone almost with the ambient lights off, and with auto backlighting, I see it quite often. And no, I can't put a manual high backlight, because it hurts my eyes.

Also, I have an almost stuck red subpixel, on the upper left side of the screen, and yes, I can spot a slightly lighter subpixel on a 320ppi screen. Thankfully, due to the nature of the AMOLED screens, it only appears when the red color is used, and not on black or other colors. The problem is that the grey Google uses for the ICS UI, includes a super small amount of red, that cause the subpixel to light up, so thats how I can spot it, since on a dark grey background is much easier to find a lighter pixel.

Still, this phone rocks!!! Heavily recommended.

Site online, Radio Offline

Hello everyone, after a week or so of the site being offline due to some unforeseen workload, I managed to get it back online.

Sadly I can't say the same about the radio, since I had to use the computer I was using for playing the music for another project. I managed to get some old parts, and a missing part is on its way, so probably within the week I will get it back online. Although I seriously doubt anyone missed the site or the radio


It originally ran on Windows Mobile, since almost nobody used computers for DJing back then, but I'm posting a Windows version here, since almost all of us use some kind of DVS system that runs on computers.

It's really simple to use. Input the original BPM on the left text box, and the target BPM on the right one. Press "Calculate" or Enter, and Calculate will turn in the amount of pitch you need to change, to get to the target BPM. Results are rounded on two decimals.

This was compiled some time ago for personal use, thats why it doesn't have any "About" info, or link back to this site. Please don't rip off my work and pose it as yours.

Requires some version of .NET framework, i think it's compiled with 2.0, but install the latest anyway.

Download here.

Google Nexus 7

People thad had the luck to know me personally over the years know how I feel about tablets.

They are an utter waste of money, and an almost useless product. The super high end ones perhaps could be fun, even useful in some obscure scenarios, but no way they deserve the big amounts of money they ask for.

But for 150£, this is interesting. I think I'm going to buy it.

Check this awesome review on techradar:


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